Population explosion in india

It controls the Population. Child marriages have been very common in our country. The average infant mortality rate in India was 74 per 1, live- births in —in rural areas it was 80 and in urban areas it was Inworking population was D and by about per cent exactly This is the attitude of the large rural majority.

After all that, they lose their confidence about searching the job. If it were so insignificant, why did the Government of India take so long to come out with the religious demographics in census?

Human overpopulation

It is the main reason to back the economy of countries. SiddSingh 7 years ago Great hub - well written with valid points. How has the population growth affected India?

Population Explosion | Causes | Effects | Prevention of Population Explosion | Essay

As a result, improvement in areas such as reproductive health, reproductive rights and empowerment of women became the main focus of the population issue after ICPD. Governments would like to suggest it is their family planning efforts a euphemism for contraception services targeted largely at women that have done the trick.

Some scholars have examined it population boom in terms of effect on human resources literacy, health, etc. The book predicts that the Hindu and Muslim population percentage difference could sharply decline by And men too prefer smaller families as they get more civilized.

It requires lakh tonnes of food grains, 1. Anyone with basic understanding of democratic process and demography will know about the very important role that demography plays in the election of democratic governments.

The HMI index has five parameters: Rema Nagarajan is with the Times Insight Group, which has a mandate to look at stories beyond and behind the headlines. Problem of Investment Requirement: This is a significant shift from the earlier notion that women are merely a means to meet some predefined population growth in some specified time frame.

The government also starts the program of family planning in This will unfortunately lead to conflict over access. While GDP growth of percent looks good, it does not percolate down to the poor section.

Book Review: Truth About Muslim Population Explosion in India

Hence improvement in production technique becomes impossible. Causes and Effects Article shared by: Even the bare necessities of life are not available adequately.

This is one of the main reasons for population explosion.Population Explosion In India. The fastest rise in the population of India was during the period of toin which the population was from 36 crores in was reached around to 70 crores in World Population Day 7 innovations to control population explosion in India according to experts These innovations are the results of tried-and-tested practices.

The question of Muslim population explosion and outnumbering of Hindus in India has been dismissed as a bogie for polarisation by the liberal media.

Human overpopulation (or population overshoot) In India, the population grew from million people in to just over billion byand Quinn's direct accusation that "First World farmers are fueling the Third World population explosion." Additionally.

Causes of Population Explosion in India

The post-World War in period (i.e., period after ) is generally referred to as a period of population explosion in demographic parlance. It is a pe­riod in which the world population including population in India, experienced unprecedented and accelerated growth leading to Population explosion.

A population explosion is when a certain population grows drastically in size. Often the implication is that the population has grown too much. Often the implication is that the population .

Population explosion in india
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