An analysis of the article developing versatile leadership by robert kaplan and robert kaiser

She listens attentively and creates an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable speaking up in meetings.

Developing Versatile Leadership HBS Case Analysis

They believe they no longer need to follow up or follow through, and they have yet to discover that those functions simply take on a different character in higher-level positions.

Take the case of an executive who excels at treating people well. Kaplan and Robert B. Kaiser are consultants with Kaplan DeVries Inc. To measure performance in accordance with this old and worthy idea, we need only employ a rating scale that allows raters to distinguish between too little, the right amount and too much.

However, the idea that performance problems can just as easily spring from taking a given behavior to an extreme has received far less attention. When managers contemplate easing up, they tend to worry that they will lose all of the capability they rely so heavily upon.

Although it is less common, the converse pattern also occurs with regularity — an overreliance on enabling behaviors and an underreliance on forceful ones.

For a comprehensive review of the many variations on this theme, see B.

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For whatever personal, historical or organizational reason, they adopt a principle, a truth about leadership and do not realize they are forsaking its complementary truth. Center for Creative Leadership, That kind of work involves learning to place less value on, and identify less with, a particular skill or personal quality such as operational competence or tough-minded-ness.

The problem is that she has turned her back on power and self-assertion, on telling people what they may not want to hear — for example, that she is not satisfied with their performance or is unhappy about a missed deadline.

She has misgivings about the forceful side because she focuses only on its negative aspects and excesses. Prior studies of this basic distinction, by whatever name, have shown either a negligible or, most often, a sizable positive correlation between the assertive, task-oriented side and the participative, people-oriented side of leadership.

We define operational leadership as focusing on short-term results, getting involved in operational detail, being grounded in the realities of implementing strategy, using processes to keep people on track and so on. In that way, the virtues of each approach are maximized and its potential liabilities are avoided.

Research and Practice 55, no. Share through Email Leadership consists of opposing strengths, and most leaders have a natural tendency to overdevelop one at the expense of its counterpart.

An analysis of the article developing versatile leadership by robert kaplan and robert kaiser

Still others are so focused on having their own unit, an extension of themselves, perform exceptionally well that they do not cooperate with peers and even have contentious relationships with them.

It became clear to us in our work that there are two overarching balances to be struck in that regard: The unifying principle that we favor is versatility, the capacity to strike balances between opposite types of leadership.

Individuals who intimidate others intellectually are surprised to hear that said about themselves, because they actually feel intellectually inadequate. The side she turns away from becomes her blind side and compromises her performance. Versatile leaders are able to continually adjust their behavior, deftly applying the right approach, to the right degree, for the circumstances at hand.

We tested our hypothesis that versatility is central to effectiveness by correlating scores on a versatility index with ratings of overall effectiveness.Leadership Versatility Capturing Tensions and Trade-offs in Executive Assessment Robert B. Kaiser Robert E. Kaplan th annual APA Convention New Orleans, Aug Kaplan & Kaiser ().

Developing versatile leadership. MIT Sloan Management Review. Two Fundamental Oppositions. Developing Versatile Leadership Case Solution,Developing Versatile Leadership Case Analysis, Developing Versatile Leadership Case Study Solution, Current models of leadership in general recognize that effective leaders must possess a number of seemingly contradictory qualities and skills.

Please click on the choices below to learn more about this product. Developing Versatile Leadership Author(s): Robert B.

Developing Versatile Leadership HBS Case Analysis

Kaiser and Robert E. Kaplan.

An analysis of the article developing versatile leadership by robert kaplan and robert kaiser

Developing Versatile Leadership SUMMER VOL NO.4 REPRINT NUMBER Robert E. Kaplan & Robert B. Kaiser MITSloan Management Review Please note that gray areas reflect artwork that has been intentionally removed. The substantive content of the article. Kaiser 1,*, an analysis of the article developing versatile leadership by robert kaplan and robert kaiser.

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Developing Versatile Leadership Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Kaiser Leadership Solutions Abstract The paper presents the first results of the IGA//7 project “Versatility of Organizational Management and its Reflection in the Area of Organizational.

An analysis of the article developing versatile leadership by robert kaplan and robert kaiser
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