A deadly medical disorder

Share Ascites is the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen. The elevated mortality risks for bulimia nervosa and A deadly medical disorder disorder not otherwise specified were similar to those for anorexia nervosa.

A Simple Blood Test Could Detect a Deadly Disorder in Pregnant Women

They affect the whole body, hence diagnosis merely on the basis of these symptoms is not possible. There are several types of typhus that usually cause fever, skin rash, headaches, and muscle pain. Presented below is brief information and a list of contagious or transmittable diseases.

In people with aplastic anemia, the bone marrow does not produce enough blood cells, including red blood cells. A genetic condition that affects mostly people whose families have come from Africa, South or Central America, the Caribbean islands, India, Saudi Arabia, and Mediterranean countries that include Turkey, Greece, and Italy.

Most people have no symptoms and require no treatment. This article explains the difference between the two. Have we ever thought that our body can also accumulate toxins due to various factors?

Health Consequences

Share Common contagious diseases are spread through an infection by bacteria, viruses, fungus as well as protozoan agents. Read this article to know the causes and possible treatment for blue fingernails.

Read on to find out. Malnutrition can also decrease infection-fighting white blood cells. A comprehensive list of the most common contagious diseases follows in this article. Share Sick Building Syndrome Symptoms Do you experience a general sick feeling when located in a particular building?

Mechanical bowel problems, like physical obstruction of the intestine, caused by ingested items. Iron is necessary for the body to make red blood cells.

Share What is sick building syndrome? Share Oral mucositis is actually an inflammation and ulceration, which occurs in the mouth and even in the throat. It is imperative that you take certain precautionary measures to keep yourself hydrated and shielded from the heat. The following article will cover the noninfectious disease list that will help you know more about these non-communicable Parasites also attack human hosts and such a biological invasion is responsible for many diseases.

Diseases and Disorders

Of the 10 million pregnant women around the world who develop preeclampsia every year, about 76, die. A low number of platelets in the blood; numerous conditions cause thrombocytopenia, but most do not result in abnormal bleeding. Share Domesticated animals are perilous when they develop brucellosis.

This article explains the difference between the two. Besides anemia, nerve damage neuropathy can eventually result. High doses of B12 prevent long-term problems. Is this building-related illness curable? Pernicious anemia B12 deficiency: That may have changed this year.

Then it could be sick building syndrome that's causing this. It is an emergency condition that requires immediate medical attention. How aspirin lowers the risk of preterm preeclampsia remains unclear, Roberge says, but the timing of efficacy suggests that it plays a role in the remodelling of spiral arteries, a process that is complete by 16 to 18 weeks of pregnancy.

A family of blood cancers that affect the bone marrow. Both malnutrition and purging can cause pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas.

Share Looking for some information on arterial insufficiency?

Diseases and Disorders

Wondering what are its symptoms, causes and treatments? It is a common consequence of cancer treatment. Share Treatment for this medical condition generally involves use of surgical procedures, to reattach the displaced rectum to its normal position.

They spent 38 days in the neonatal intensive care unit, with some breathing assistance at first, before going home.Neurology is the medical science that deals with the nervous system and disorders that affect it.

Neurological Disorder: A neurological disorder is defined as any disorder of the body nervous system. Blood disorders can also affect the liquid portion of blood, called plasma.

Treatments and prognosis for blood diseases vary, depending on the blood condition and its severity. Medical & Biotech A Simple Blood Test Could Detect a Deadly Disorder in Pregnant Women Preeclampsia can be treated, yet screenings are out of reach for many women.

Diseases and Disorders. Very rarely do people, other than those involved in the medical field, bother to find out anything much about different diseases and disorders, until somebody close is afflicted by them. The medical model is a particular way of viewing human suffering, decay, dysfunction and, ultimately, death.

It is a paradigm, a lens through which physicians and others perceive certain abnormal. Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome (MBPS) is a deadly disorder of which awareness must be increased. It is characterized by a parent, usually the mother, who intentionally causes illness in her child.

The disorder was named after Baron von Munchausen.

A deadly medical disorder
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